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Fine Stering Silver Wireephesus, hand-wrapped Pearl



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If God can use bivalve mollusks and sand to createluminous pearls, imagine what wonders will beaccomplished when you offer your humble heart and hands for His glory. Wear your pearl as a symbol of faith in our own spiritual transformation and journey.You are a pearl of great price.If you're familiar with the term 'wabi sabi', or, finding beautyin imperfection, you'll understand why I think of that term when describing these pearls. Perfect? Not quite. Beautiful and unique anyway? Oh, yes. Simple and uncluttered, most of our pearls measure about 13mm long by 8mm wide. Elegant and commanding enough to stand alone, we think they are even better paired with a Glory Bea necklace. What a perfectgift for your bridesmaids!Your fresh water pearl will arrive on the card shown in photo #1 _________Carpenter's Wheel and Wheel symbol \u00a9 2010-2013 by Glory Bea\u00ae, ephesus

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