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SMALL MINI TINY SIZE: about 7/8 inches tall by 7/16 inches wide at it's widest areas. Weight: 1.8 grams. ZOOM in on photos with rulers and scale. VINTAGE CONDITION: in good to excellent used vintage and appears to have slight rub wear front and back, has patina, but not much. The front has a lot of details, like all the cut work to make it shinier, beautiful art nouveau edgining and top and bottom design details. Even though this is a small light medal I can her halo, the child in her arms and even olive branches on the right hand side of her. The FRONT READS: Our Lady of Olives Pray for Us. The back reads HVH Sterling. ZOOM in to see all the beautiful details!FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING: arrives in a plastic gumball capsule and includes with USPS mail with tracking and insurance.LAST PHOTO: 18 sterling religious medal rosary necklace with red heart beads with tiny crosses on them here:https://www./listing/117664231/sale-antique-18-sterling-silver-rosaryPATRON SAINT of protection from lightening fires and mothers to be with childbirth assistance. More details about her below.LOVE this INFO on OUR LADY OF OLIVES:According to the story, in the year 1493 a church in the French village of Murat was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. The one thing that miraculously survived the fire was a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary. To this day, the belief is that anyone who carries the medal will be preserved from lightning, as is the French town that once was so grievously struck. The medal is also said to protect and assist women who are going through childbirth.But what is the connection between the statue that survived this fire and olives? For that, we reach back to the Bible and medieval writings, where olive trees are described as symbols of blessings, prosperity and strength, used to describe the fruit of good works, and represent reconciliation with God. It seems only natural, then, that the olive began to be associated with the Virgin Mary throughout Europe \u2013 particularly in France, Italy and Spain. Pope Leo XIII made the title \u201cOur Lady of Olives\u201d official in an apostolic brief of May, 10, 1878, and she was crowned on June 18, 1881.Aside from the beauty of the medal itself, the prayer to Our Lady of Olives seems especially appropriate for today\u2019s turbulent times. This version comes from the International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton:PRAYER to OUR LADY of OLIVES:Kneeling at thy feet, we pray thee Virgin Mary, that through thine intercession, there may be borne a new generation who will unite all hearts and souls in the same faith and the same charity. We pray thee "Divine Olive of Peace," to implore God that harmony may reign between nations, that true liberty be given to all people, that heresies and all bad doctrines condemned by the Pope may disappear.We pray that all the treasures of the Divine Heart be showered upon all men and that we be preserved from all harm.Pray for us, help us and save us. Amen.HOARDER HISTORY: More of my religioius medal collection, which I still have difficulties resisting the more unique ones when they come to my attention!more vintage religious medals from this shop:https://www./shop/thedestinyofthings?ref=listing-shop-header-item-count\u00a7ion_id=22934241more vintage religious crosses and crucifixes in this shop here:https://www./shop/thedestinyofthings?ref=listing-shop-header-item-count\u00a7ion_id=22934233more religious charms and artifacts at our other shop, HoarderRehab:http://www./shop/HoarderRehab?section_id=12063438and more at our third shop, VintageToGoetsy:http://www./shop/vintagetogoetsy?section_id=11532369religious kitsch at our fourth shop, JunkDrawerAndMore:https://www./shop/JunkDrawerAndMore?section_id=23117144my handmade religious folk art, most from the 80s and 90s in this shop:http://www./shop/thedestinyofthings?section_id=12553465If there is a story behind the purchase of this item, I'd love to know it! I am collecting these stories, instead of more things, as part of my HoarderRehab therapy and will place it on my blog: The Hoarder Rehab Blog: The Destiny of Things or you in advance for your time, story and pics you wish to share!See photos from an Etsy buyer that goes eye bombing with a little one to make street art: another Etsy buyer who used them to make a costume for EDC, Electric Daisy Carnival: 520+ stories from Etsy buyers some about milk caps! me and share your story!, jesus

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