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antique, Manly Art Of Boxing Chart To Frame Sporting Chart 1928 Black & White



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This very cool chart entitled "A few Glimpses Of The Boxer's Art" was gleaned from a basket-case copy of a 1928 Encyclopedia. This wonderfully nostalgic 7.5" x 10" softly mellowed page is suitable for framing. Perfect for the collage artist in your life or a lover of boxing.This spectacular print will come to you with a stiff cardboard packet to protect it from damage in the mail. This 90-year-old page is softly tanned and is in fine condition. Occasionally my stupid scanner decides to make weird lines in my listing. I have no idea why. Rest assured that your print will come to you without lines!This gorgeous antique lithograph is the Real Deal... not a scanned photocopy or a download.SurrenderDorothy's amazing selection of antique and vintage ephemera is always the genuine article.SurrenderDorothy. Your headquarters for cool vintage goods every day, surrenderdorothy

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