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Tiny Rose Studshypoallergenic, Light Pink Rose Earringshypoallergenic, Pink Flower Earringshypoallergenic, Rose Studshypoallergenic, Tiny Flower Studshypoallergenic, Flower Girl Earringshypoallergenic, Surgical Steel Studs



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Light Pink Rose Earrings, Pink Flower Earrings, Rose Studs, Tiny Flower Earrings, Flower Girl Earrings, Surgical Steel Studs, KreatedByKellyI am so in love with these pretty little carved rose cabochons. You are just going to love wearing them! These earrings measure about 10mm (0.39 inches) and have been affixed to stainless surgical steel posts.I have these in a few other colors so please check out my post earrings section to find the color that's right for you.With Love, Kelly xoxoPS: All stud earrings are MADE TO ORDER so please allow 48 hours for me to prepare your earrings for shipment - thank you for understanding., tiny flower earrings

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