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48.90 ct. Mega Size Pear Portuguese Cut Fire Pink Tourmaline loose gem



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=== HAND CUT Available 1 item / size ===ITEM DESCRIPTIONSProduct Name: Pink TourmalineSize: 29.0x 20.5 x 9.9 mm.Qty:\t1 Piece(s)Shape:\tPear - Portuguese CutColor:\tFire PinkClarity:\tVVSTreatment: LAB Flame FusionHardness: 7.5*** CLARITY CHART ***+ IF - Clean - Very high quality & free from inclusions.+ VVS - Eye Clean - High quality with very slight inclusions.+ VSI - Very Slight Inclusions - Good quality with slight inclusions visible to the naked eye.+ SI - Slight Inclusions - Inclusions becoming more prominent to the eye.+ I - Inclusions- Many inclusions.

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