Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Seven Archangel colored Crystals with Turquoise or Pearl Necklace with matching bracelet



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Seven Archangel bracelet features colored stones representing the color for each archangel with turquoise or pearl beads. The crystals and beads are 10mm. The necklace is 20.5" long and bracelet is 8" wide The angel colors are as followsAngel Michael (Blue - Sunday): Brings courage; protects against pride and injustice.Angel Jophiel (Yellow - Monday): Brings knowledge and understanding.Angel Samuel (Pink - Tuesday): Protects against envy, fights hatred, and attracts spiritual prosperity and love.Angel Gabriel (White - Wednesday): Helps to be constant, keeps deceit away, and attracts good company.Angel Raphael (Green - Thursday): Present when help is needed in cases of pain and illness.Angel Uriel (Red - Friday): Attracts abundance, good luck and well deserved wealth.Angel Zadquiel (Violet - Saturday): Helps to forgive.The necklace will be shipped by USPS, and domestic tracking included in the shipping price.

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