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Black classic rose flower on a black ring base. The ring is slightly adjustable--from ring size 2.75 to about 3.5--suitable for a pinky ring on an adult with slender to average fingers. If you've got metal allergies this ring is for you! Made from resin components it shouldn't trigger metal allergy reactions. This is a large flower on petite ring base.Ring Size--pinky-ring sized:2.75 to about 3.5The last photo shows the rose used on this ring in several colors so you can see the details of the flower better--black is hard to show details on without making the ring look gray!This is the only size available, but we have many flower style and color combinations to choose from--several different roses, 2 kinds of mums... Click the "Request a custom order" link just below the photos to see if we can make something that pleases you! (Second to last photo shows samples of other possibilities.), rose ring

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