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The Dancing Tree of Life sterling silver infinity ring pendant



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The Dancing Tree of Life pendantalso available in earringsTwo Revolution Infinity RingSolid Sterling Silver7/8"$240Also available as 1" earrings with sterling silver lever backs......... $360 pairShips free worldwide from Los Angeles, California. Designed by Charles Shermanin 2016, Los Angeles, CaliforniaThe Dancing Tree of Life pendant is made by the traditional lost waxmethod, hand cast, hand polished.It comes with your choice of a beautiful 16,18, or 20 inch 8-sided 25mm sterling silver chain.The Dancing Tree of LifeThe Tree of Life may be one of the most ancient and universal symbols in the history of philosophy and religion. The order and process of how the tree grows in nature is a metaphor for spiritual growth, wisdom, and in many religions, a symbol for eternal life.The Tree of Life symbolically connects all of Creation and the elements that make up the world. It is rooted in the Earth and nourished by the rain, Water; the sun, Fire; and the breath of life, Air.The Tree of Life also represents Spirit and psychological states of being, from its roots (the subconscious) to its leaves (the conscious). It connects all of humanity in a spiritual sense. The design has a sacred Tree of Life, its branches expanding energetically in the form of an inverted peace sign, at the center of an Infinity Ring. I call it the Dancing Tree of Life because it represents infinite joy, peace, and eternal life.Like all of my Infinity Ring sculpture and jewelry designs, the Dancing Tree of Life evokes ancient Feng Shui principles. The never-ending circular nature of its Infinity Ring form promotes infinite peace, love, abundance, healing, and harmony.

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