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continental, The Americas Diamond Bronze Necklace



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GREAT NEWS!!!!!We are now ALMOST back to NORMAL, so that we can take care of your orders ALMOST at a normal SPEED!!!Some very few items are still a bit more difficult to get so if you like, before you make your purchase you can call me at any time at 917 613 2023 and we will be very happy to answers any questions and help you with your jewel properly and expeditiously :) Honoring The Great American continent , this piece was first hand carved in wax, taken to the foundry and then Oxidized , so as to give it a vintage look, a sort of retro medieval twist to the new world!!!The weight and feel of this piece goes in tandem with its importance...The Diamond will be place in the area of your choice, which could be your city or place of interest , in this case it is New York City , :)For more on the "Geometric Jewels" collection please click on the link belowhttps://www./your/shops/pablovalencia/sections/15564851This solid casting Bronze piece measures 1" 3/16 in diameter by 1/8 (3 mm) in thicknessThe back of this piece is plain and can be used for engraving (Hand or machine engraving) and extra charge will be applied depending on the kind and length of the engraving, please inquire BEFORE purchasing about this service for an estimate to be included on the total price?:)The surface is oxidized so as for the matte surface of the piece to serve as a nice contrast.The diamond measures 1.20 mm (0.01cts) and it is a full cut stone (57 facets) and it can be placed just about anywhere you prefer, :)It comes on an 18" Beaded chain (Oxidized brass) Available also in Sterling Silver, 10K, 14K , 18K gold and Platinum upon request.Please convo for details and prices.Each jewel is designed and made by me (Pablo Valencia) at my NYC studio.This jewel will arrive to you elegantly gift wrapped!!.IMPORTANT NOTE:We really recommend and encourage you to please pay close attention to the detailed descriptions of the designs, emphatically when it comes to dimensions and measurements, and get familiar with your Standard (English) or Metric Systems or both for that matter so as for you to have a very good idea of the scale of the pieces, since most of the photos are zoomed in so as to show detail.FREE SHIPPING in the continental US!!;)Please allow 2 weeks for delivery., new world

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