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sandal, Barefoot Sandal..One size fits all! Handmade Metallic Elastic (either silver or gold threads) with your choice of colored beads



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The Barefoot Sandal can be worn barefoot or with sandals or high heels! They are sexy and cute with multiple uses. Wear them at a dinner party with shoes...then...kick your shoes off and you have your no-guilt shoes on. Cute at the beach or pool...darling with high-heels-- when you kick your shoes off you have dancing shoes on! (Yet, you are bare-foot!) This style can also be worn on the hand...All barefoot sandals come in pairs. COLORS: Peacock (multi-colored), red, white, black, turquoise, dark blue, teal or sparkly turquoise, amethyst color/ lite- purple, crystal, peridot or lite-green, orange, amber,, bottomless sandals

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