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battenberg lace, Battenberg Angel 14x17"



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Battenberg Angel (10x14", open framing, no glass)This angel's gown is a piece of rare, vintage, delicately handmade Battenberg lace. The pattern is an irregular design of circles interconnected in many places by just a single thread of white cotton. It was actually once the front panel of a woman’s jewelry pouch. There was a similar back panel to which it was stitched to form a flat envelope with a drawstring closing. The openings for the ribbon form the looped ruffle at the neck. A satin lining bag was slipped inside to hold the jewels securely. Because the pattern of the lace was so whimsical, I thought the halo of spirals and the wings with oversized polka dots suited this little angel well. After all, not all vintage items have to be serious and formal., art

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