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Cabin Angel 14x17”, open framing, no glassI found an unusually beautiful and detailed vintage brown doily with exceptionally fine three-dimensional crochet work in a family collection one hot summer day, and that led to the creation of this outdoorsy angel, framed in barn wood. The crochet work was exquisite, but it contrasted interestingly with the coarse brown cotton that formed the center of the doily, as well as the stitching that held them together.. I used just a single “spoke” of the round doily to form her robe. Her wings are thin mother-of-pearl buttons while her organza ribbon hair floats behind her under a hand-embroidered halo. It’s probably no surprise that I was inspired to create her while spending time at our family’s small “pondhouse” in the woods that summer. There was no one anywhere around but the turtles, the fish, the birds and the two of us. $185, angel

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