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Lace! 28x36”large art, Custom open framinglarge art, no glass



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Lace! 28x36”, Custom open framing, no glassLace of all sprts have been a passion of mine all my life, and I have collected a large number of pieces: inherited, purchased and gifted. As I looked through them recently, I was struck by the unique character and variety of the laces I’ve accumulated, and I decided to create a design that would showcase that. Arrayed on a background of taupe silk taffeta, the laces used here comes from a variety of sources, some fine and some common. Some lengths made by hand, and some from the finest manufacturers. Some purchased from rural five-and-dime stores, some from heirloom sewing shops. Some I removed from vintage, well-worn and -loved garments, and some I opened from the paper bundle they were sold in, anywhere from 30 to 100 years ago. But all of them display that intricate point/counterpoint of thread and open space which creates a unique design. The options are limited only by the creator’s imagination, which is something I have been in awe of for 65 years. $500, vintage lace

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