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pam tree, Palm tree Luggage Zipper Pull Pendant



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Approximately 4" by 3.5" tall.Palm tree made with Silver Plated wire and green glass beads. The zipper pull came (like my others) from San Fransisco Airport! You won't believe how many pulls I find that have broken off luggage! I think it gives these pieces of jewelry a sense of wonder! Who knows where in the world that piece has seen!These pieces can be worn as necklaces, or used as rearview mirror ornaments, Christmas tree ornaments, keychains, bag clips, the list is only limited by the imagination! (For ornament option, please select "chain" under "Ornament Option" for a free chain to hang your item from!)**Some pulls will be scratched, bent, broken, or unreadable. I think this is part of the charm. They will be sanitized and cleaned**, pam tree

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