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Rainbow Dove 20x17multi-color, open framingmulti-color, no glass



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Rainbow Dove 20x17”, open framing, no glassA departure from my work with vintage materials, this colorful bird allowed me to let loose my love of fabric and color. I can’t resist a fabric that drapes, so chiffon has always been one of my favorites. I had dyed some larger lengths of it last year for another work, but had snippets left over. As I played with them, they seemed to fall into the shape of a bird and began to remind me of the dove from Noah’s ark. It seemed so symbolic to me, since Noah’s boatload included every kind of animal, not just a selected few, and they all were guided to safety by the bird who has become the emblem of peace. Maybe the dove was actually a rainbow of colors and not only white. $185, multi-color

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