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Star Wars (20” x 18”x 3”) and is a This bold abstract composition of disassembled computer parts was made for a show at Hub Comics, Somerville, MA in 2019. Because of the time, research and resources that go into making computers it is a shame to just toss them away when they become outdated. Once the parts are seen on their own they are no longer E-waste they are transformed into intriguing abstract objects made of glass, aluminum, copper, plastic and fiberglass substrate of circuit boards.Two large round forms running diagonally across this composition are sandwiched between a collection of “space debris”, different sized rectangles with a variety of textures and patterned surfaces. The parts are arranged over glowing star clusters and a strip of film revealing the promo picture of the Star Wars cast which has been “gliched” to show disrupted lines across the image like a malfunctioning monitor. Fans will recognize that the large blue mother board from an IMac 2 (date) and reflective wafer of pre-cut integrated circuits resembles the space ship Millennium Falcon approaching Luke Skywalker’s home planet, Tatooine. But even without that knowledge, the wafer recalls a shiny, glowing moon and the scanner mirrors reflect light, like a flash thru the sky, making this a clear representation of outer space.Repetition is a unifying theme of this composition. Dots and dashes like the film sprockets can be seen on the heat sink, across the round blue mother board, and the screw holes along the long thin piece at the bottom. The olive green of the two components at the bottom identifies them as old electronics and speaks to the rapid advancement and innovation taking place in our tech saturated world.To learn more about the effects of E-waste and what needs to be done to heal the environment visit Computer Part Art on facebook.Ready to hang on the wall or can be displayed in a stand on a shelf. Made with all recycled materials at The Artisan’s Asylum, maker space in Somerville, MA. - My work is hand made of recycled materials. Wear, tear, dents and scratches are inherent in the process.- Pictures just do not convey the real presence of this piece. - one of a kind- signed and dated- FREE SHIPPING in continental US Please convo for shipping outside continental USIf you like it, let me know! Fave my shop!!Custom orders of theme, color scheme & size are welcome.Finding beauty in unexpected places - Melissa Glick works out of the Artisan's Asylum in Somerville MA. She is inspired by the variety of shapes, colors, materials, textures and patterns of the components in outdated technology and combines them with appropriated imagery in three dimensional collage she calls Hacker Creations. See more of her work at:, hacker art

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