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tibet, Yin & Yang Dzi 2 Eyed Horned Antique Cinnabar Agate Relationship Harmony Necklace with Amber 27"



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Dzi 2 Eye Horned Cinnabar Red Agate Special Meaning for Relationship Harmony The 2 eyed Dzi enables harmony between husband and wife; build a happy family, successful career, and good relationships with others. Dzi Size: roughly 2 inches x 0.75 inchNecklace Length: 27" adjustableBurmese Amber bead size: 10mmThis necklace has authentic Pressed Baltic Amber raw beads and Burmese Red amber in addition to Tibetan turquoise. The 2 Baltic amber pieces are square and round to symbolize the Yin & Yang, the difference of spirit in each relationship, brought into harmony with sunlit amber beads and the healing touch of turquoise., men

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