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stl file, Custom Order or STL File for 3D Printing -Bridal Halo Cushion Center Stone with Sapphires Ring



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This is a 3D STL file for printing. Upon your purchase, a link will be emailed to you to download within 12 Hrs of purchase.Rendering of various angles can be requested (additional cost).This can also be sent to you as a solid castable object. This will be made with a 3D laser SLA printer using castable resin. Print is between .25 - .30 microns, so surface is very smooth (additional cost).Quotes for the actual ring:Center Stone Size (Cushion Square) is 6.5x6.5mm, .918ct, 1 each Side Stones, Diamond White - 2mm, .028ct, 12 eachMelee Stones, Diamonds White - 1mm, .009ct, 23 eachTotal Weight Gem Stones: 1.517ctMetal Gold 14K white, total weight 3.711g, 2.386 dwt Gold 14K gold, total weight 3.847g, 2.474 dwt Gold 10K white, total weight 3.257g, 2.094 dwt Sterling Silver, total weight 3.048g, 1.69 dwt Gold 18K White, total weight 4.309g, 2.771 dwtStandard size is 7 but can be changed to a different size upon request.This ships worldwide (digital file). Printed or casted/polished item can be shipped within the USA/Canada only.Please Convo for Quotes!KK0011, custom ring

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