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gift for mom, FREE Shipping!!! One Of A Kind Crocheted Silver Wire Three Strand Necklace with Black and Red Acrylic Beads and Earring Set



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FREE SHIPPING!!!You're going to love our three-strand crocheted wire necklace and earring set! Each strand, which holds different beads in red and black, has been braided together with the others. It is fastened with a toggle clasp.***Overall length including clasp is about 23". The earrings dangle about 3/4" from where they are attached to the ear wire. There's a white "stopper" included with the earrings so they stay on the ears.***This necklace is constructed with acrylic beads that are braided onto silver-colored anti-tarnish copper wires. A silver colored toggle clasp holds it together around your neck.***Please store your necklace and earrings set separately from other jewelry. Do keep away from harsh soaps and avoid spraying fragrances onto them. I found that a zip lock bag works very well for storing my own creations of this kind.***Your necklace and earring set will be sent to you via USPS Priority Mail.Each jewelry creation is made with tender loving care in our smoke-free, pet-free, in-home shop in Southeast Wisconsin. No two of our jewelry collections are the same, so you will get an original that is exclusively yours.Thanks so much for visiting our shop, and please, stop in again soon!, faux beads

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