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silver cutlery, Cutlery Ring Diagonal Striped/Silberbesteck R169



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Today's offer:1 ring made from the stem of a coffee spoon.Material: Silver Edition 90 or 100.If someone wants to order the ring, please make sure to specify the desired ring size!!One more word for shipping: I now only send with proof after some deliveries have disappeared without a trace. I chose the German Parcel Service (DPD), which usually delivers very quickly. The advantage is obvious: if the delivery is stuck somewhere, I as a seller as well as you as a buyer can see on the shipment number where the package is.For years we have been providing jewellery from old silverware and offering it with quite good success in various markets.Dates and further information on our web site. Simply enter Besteckkuenstler and get an overview.By phone I am often reachable on weekdays under 0221-554778 between 11 and 4 pm., cutlery jewelry

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