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flowers, I LOVE BLOSSOMS Pop Art Feminist Women Awake 18" x 24" Folk Art Wall Art



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I LOVE BLOSSOMS I AM BLOSSOM. We are the Blossom - this painting reminds us that we also blossom. Our nature is to blossom our gifts into the world, to become all we can be. Our destiny needs to blossom into the world, so that others can take up their destiny too. We all help each other. Using this painting as a Mandala to remind us of Who We Are. WOMAN AWAKE SERIES!WOMENS WISDOM SERIES INTUITIVE PAINTINGKristena West M.A.18" X 24" GALLERY WRAPPED CANVAS- Comes with NO WatermarkAcrylic, Oil Pastels, Pastels, Paint Pens. 2018 © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ARTIST'S COPYRIGHT & DOMAINArtist Kristena West shamanic arts, counseling & online classes, pop art

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