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These are a rare set of genuine 1944 USA Coin Cufflinks. The old coins are inset by hand into the Cufflinks. The coins have been hand polished There presented in a silver Cufflinks box. 12 millimeters high, 4 millimeters wide.Handsome, Unique Style - These designer cufflinks feature the front and back of the American dime piece. Complete with intricate details and a year print of 1944.Sterling Silver Finish - Each metal cufflink is crafted from rhodium for strength. A polished Silver sterling finish that adds a beautiful, discrete touch to your suit jacket.Formal or Business Wear - These dime cufflinks are great for any suit top or jacket and make the perfect addition to a wedding, work event.Personal Gift - These sterling cufflinks make a wonderful Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, holiday, or Christmas gift.Guaranteed Satisfaction - Every pair of our men\u2019s cuff links come with a stylish gift giving box and are backed by an unbeatable guarantee for quality assurance. note the year on the Cufflinks you receive will be 1944., gifts for men

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