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vintage jewelry, Vintage Nuvo 1960s 925 (Sterling) Silver Bell Charm.



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Vintage Nuvo 1960s 925 (Sterling) Silver Bell Charm.Please note, the 1p piece in the last photograph is just to give an indication of size and is not included in the sale!Composition:The charm is made of 925 sterling silver. Inside the bell is a ringer which means when you shake the charmthe bells does ring.Size:The charm measures approximately 1.4cm in width at the widest point and approximately 1.9cm in height, including the small jump ring attachment and the bell ringer sticking out from inside the bell.Condition:The charm is in good vintage condition with some small marks to the metal and a tiny dent at the bottom of one edge as well as some tarnishing and slight discolouration to the metal. (I don't clean silver or gold jewellery as some people like the authenticity of the patina and tarnishing on old jewellery). The charm is signed 'Nuvo' 925 on the top of the bell. Please have a good look at the photographs.Please have a read of shop policies before making your purchase., 925 sterling silver

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