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black tree, Small Black Ceramic Halloween with Silver Glitter and Clear Pin Lights (w/light cord and bulb)



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This beautiful Halloween black ceramic tree with silver glitter comes with clear pin lights. It stands 9 inches tall on base. The tree comes with an electric cord (with on/off switch) and one bulb. Extra lights are included with the tree.This item is hand-poured, hand-fired, and hand-painted by our shop.PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes the base included with a tree may seem wobbly at first, but continue to position the tree on the base until you find the sweet spot where the tree and base are even, so as to ensure the tree doesn't fall or wobble.ALSO PLEASE NOTE: If your tree arrives broken, please do not try and glue it back, please take a picture of it, and send it to me in a message, so I may proceed with filing an insurance claim with the USPS, and to also make arrangements with you for a replacement. Thank you!, black and silver

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