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Tan leather cord necklace with\u00a0redline marble oval focal and\u00a0dyed bamboo coral and\u00a0wood beads.\u00a0\u00a031" long with no clasp.\u00a0 Focal hangs to 10.5"" from base of neck.\u00a0\u00a0Images may show individual necklaces layered with others.\u00a0 Note that all strands shown are sold separately.\u00a0These are handmade in Mooresville, NC by a single mom who needs a creative outlet.\u00a0 Enjoy!____Guarantee- I'm new at jewelry making and I definitely want to ensure you come back for more. If you experience any issues with your jewelry, please\u00a0message me with details and I will make it right.____Stone Information:Marble\u00a0HistoryThe name "marble" comes from the Greek word\u00a0m\u00e1rmaros, meaning "shining stone." There are dozens of different types of marble, each with different cutting and shaping properties. It is commonly used in architecture and for decorative carvings and statuary. Not all marble is white--many forms have swirls and/or veins of color. Marbles--that childhood game--were originally formed out of marble scraps.Marble's reputation as an architectural material has been known since Augustus, the first Emperor of Rome, covered the public buildings there in it. Even Standard Oil covered the outside of their Chicago headquarters with white marble. (However, marble doesn't handle Midwestern winters well, so they soon had to change it to white granite.)One of the most famous types of marble comes from the Pietrasanta quarry in Italy, where Michelangelo hunted down the perfect stone to carve his\u00a0Pieta. His equally famous\u00a0David\u00a0is carved in stone quarried from a nearby location.Bamboo Coral\u00a0HistoryNamed "bamboo" because its skeleton is made up of deeply calcified gorgonin -- or horny -- nodes, red-dyed bamboo coral has replaced red coral in jewelry design due to red coral's depletion. Bamboo coral is either dipped in red dye or injected with dye to saturate it throughout. The dyeing process happens just after the bamboo coral has been hand cut into the desired shape -- usually a bead -- and is sanded. Once dyed, the coral bead is then coated with a resin base and polished to achieve the high gloss finish found in jewelry. Because bamboo coral is naturally soft and porous, keep your coral jewelry away from perfumes and hairsprays to avoid damage.The corals used in bead and jewelry making are not the protected coral species of the fragile coral reefs, but the more common and hearty species such as corallium japonicum or corallium rubrum. Coral is sensitive to heat, direct sunlight and cosmetics., cord and stone

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