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movie prop, Vintage 1988 Gary Prazen Bronze "Eureka" was Given to Senator James A McClure



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This is a Vintage 1988 Gary Prazen Bronze "Eureka" was Given to Senator James A McClure. It was given to the Senator personally from Gary Prazen as he considered the Senator an outstanding friend. It is a one of a kind because of it being a personal gift from Gary Prazen. He gave it to him in 1990. Senator McClure has since passed as has Gary Prazen. This is a low number of 56 of 400. I acquired it at an Estate Sale. It measures approx. 15 1/4 inches tall including the wood base. The wood base shows a little age wear. A person could freshen up the base a little with a new coat of clear coat. The Gold Miner hammer has a slight bend to it showing how hard that the Gold Miner had to work to find the Gold. He had pounded so many times that it shows the wear and tear of striking it over and over on the rocks. This is the way Gary Prazen made it. It has the tag on the front where he states To: Senator James A McClure, etc. Eureka is a Bronze of a Gold Miner Striking Gold. Good Condition with normal age wear. It will only grow worth more in value as time goes on. A LITTLE HISTORY ABOUT GARY PRAZENThe opportunity to create the sculpture was opened for proposals and several bids varying from $15,000 to $100,000 were received. Mr. Gary Prazen, of Price, Utah, was hired to create a sculpture of a coal miner for $15,000. Prazen was a native of Carbon County, Utah, with strong ties to the local coal mining industry. He began his sculpting career with a bronze sculpture of actor John Wayne, who had visited Carbon County in 1978. It was based on a scene from the movie, "True Grit," where Wayne's character, Rooster Cogburn, faces off against the outlaw Lucky Ned Pepper and three of his henchmen. Prazen completed the sculpture, titled "Fill Your Hands," and presented it to the actor shortly before his death on June 11, 1971.Any questions please ask before you purchase. I ship to the USA. No International Shipping. This piece will we Highly insured to make sure that it arrives to you safely. Thanks for looking., tv prop

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