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This fascinating double sided Oceanography/ Natural History lithograph is from 1998, reproducing the very early engravings taken from nature by Ernst Haeckel himself; originally printed in the Victorian Era in Leipzig, Germany.Nautiluses are the sole living cephalopods whose bony body structure is externalized as a shell. The animal can withdraw completely into its shell and close the opening with a leathery hood formed from two specially folded tentacles. Cut in half, the Nautilus shows a perfect logarithmic spiral.Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haeckel 1834 \u20131919 was an eminent German biologist, naturalist, philosopher, physician, professor and artist who discovered, described and named thousands of new species, mapped a genealogical tree relating all life forms, and coined many terms in biology, including anthropogeny, ecology, phylum, phylogeny, stem cell, and the kingdom Protista. Haeckel promoted and popularized Charles Darwin's work in Germany and developed the controversial recapitulation theory ("ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny") claiming that an individual organism's biological development, or ontogeny, parallels and summarizes its species' evolutionary development, or phylogeny.The published artwork of Haeckel; 'Kunstformen der Natur' includes over 100 detailed, multi-colour illustrations of animals and sea creatures. 'Nauilus Shell Formations' is printed on heavy quality satin finish card-paper stock. It measures a generous 9.25" x 12.25" overall with one inch snowy white borders all around. It's in excellent condition; no tears, folds, creases or marks... a fabulous print perfect for framing. There's another equally fascinating full color illustration of 'Sea Slugs' (or 'Sea Hags' as they are often called) on the reverse side. You may have a bit of trouble deciding which of these lovely prints to frame first. I'll leave that choice up to you.Matted, framed and displayed as a gallery grouping, these wonderful natural history prints are simply spectacular. (Please note that the framed examples in the last photo are just to show how this might look when it's framed. Your print will come unframed.)Surrender Dorothy offers a non-stop jaw-dropping cornucopia of frame-worthy antique and vintage prints, drawings, posters, sketches, ads, plans, lithos, engravings, maps, charts and illustrations of all kinds to adorn every room in your happy home. Terrific finds to gussy up your workplace too.Our entire inventory moves in and out of here very quickly and fresh selections are added each day. Please be sure to bookmark our shop and check back to visit us often so you don't miss our latest discoveries.I'll send this to you First Class Mail by way of those nice folks at the USPS packed flat and protected in a rigid mailer.====================================================Many other works by Haeckel may be seen here:http://www./shop/surrenderdorothy/search?search_query=haeckel====================================================View our Vintage Natural History Department here::http://www./shop/surrenderdorothy/search?search_query=natural+history====================================================Our Sea Creatures may all be viewed here:http://www./shop/surrenderdorothy/search?search_query=ocean==================================================== More Shells are here:http://www./shop/surrenderdorothy/search?search_query=shell********************************************************Please View Our Shop Policies Here:http://www./shop/SurrenderDorothy/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftnav P44, surrender dorothy

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